We invite you to the first Ukrainian online service for sociologists. You are a very welcome guest on our website. is a service for respondents who, for money, take part in surveys, vote in contests, and view advertisements. It is also a tool for research by sociologists who work with respondents.


We are interested in users of a high professional level. Your recommendations regarding the operation of the service will be processed as quickly as possible and will make the service more convenient. The service will contribute to the development of research.


Some useful opportunities that opens up for sociologists:

1. Setting up the audience and conducting sociological surveys.
2. Use of text, visual and video content in working with the audience.
3. Reports with results and automatic analysis of respondents’ answers.
4. Speeding up and making surveys cheaper.
5. Additional traffic using links embedded in surveys.
6. Segmentation of groups of participants with combined filters.


There are two ways to dialogue with respondents: free – using a link to a survey created in the service, and paid, in which a sociologist works with registered users in


Use combined filters in the survey results of the respondents.

This site is registered on as a development site.